When the owners came for another dog, Michael stood at the aviary and cried that they were not taking him.

When I met this dog, I was very surprised by his positive attitude. Usually, when dogs get to a shelter, they immediately huddle in a corner and feel sad there. And Michael smiled and trustingly put his head up to be stroked. It seems that he was glad that he was no longer alone and filled with hope. However, in an instant, everything changed dramatically.

On that day, people came to the shelter to choose a pet. All the dogs gathered near the aviary in the hope that they would be selected. The dogs pushed each other aside, trying to attract attention. They are generally very happy with rare guests. Misha was also very happy and modestly tried to break through the crowd of his relatives. He waved his tail and looked into the eyes of potential owners.

-Please open this aviary. — asked the girl.

And Nadia opened the aviary in which Michael was.

The dog with happiness almost jumped into her arms. But he was wrong.

They scratched Michael behind the ear and apologized for not choosing him.

At the same moment, Michael immediately became sad and went to a corner of the enclosure, watching from under his brows how the other dog rejoices, which the people decided to take away.

After the dog was taken out of the enclosure and headed for the gate, the dog jumped up abruptly and pressed against the bars of his prison, as if begging to take him too. However, people walked without turning around. Tears appeared in Michael’s eyes again. The most real, like people. On that day, he stopped hoping.

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