When Ken was found, he couldn’t even meow. What happened to him?

Ken was still quite small when he was caught. But it turned out to catch him only because the kitten was very weak and could not see anything because of pus in his eyes.

We had to fight for his life for several days and we managed to win! Gradually, the baby began to recover and gain strength, turning from a skeleton into an ordinary cat.

Ken couldn’t even meow at first, he got something like «oh-oh-oh».

The kitten is now about four months old. He is at home overexposure, where ten more of the same foundlings live with him. The kitten’s coat turned from black to black-white-grayish. The color is very beautiful and it is possible that it will remain so.

Just Ken needs a permanent home with loving owners. We hope that he will have all this soon.

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