«What ugly dogs, it’s a shame to walk with such dogs»: a girl in the park told us.

Once in the yard, the tenants found two dogs. They always ran together, it became clear that they were two sisters. Soon other tenants began to kick them out, and they just wanted care and help. Desi and Bonya never showed aggression towards people, but on the contrary, they often even played with children. But everyone thought they didn’t belong here.

Soon one family gave them to overexposure. There are a lot of ordinary mongrels there, because they are not particularly sorted out. One day the woman went for a walk in the park with them. one of the passers-by decided that she needed to express her dissatisfaction, and said that the dogs were scary and ugly and it was even embarrassing to walk the streets with them.

The girl, of course, did not take close to such a comment. It is unfortunate that people even choose animals for their appearance.

Despite the fact that they are ordinary, not purebred, they do not deserve to be left on the street. They understood this very well and knew that no one would simply take them off the street. Therefore, good people decided to leave them in paid overexposure.

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