Victoria is no more, her cats were kicked out of the basement, they were forbidden to feed and dogs are brought to them.

Victoria passed away and the cats she had cared for for years were left orphans. The animals lived in the basement, where everything was arranged for their comfort. After Victoria’s death, Valentina took care of the cats. The woman is already aged, walks with difficulty, is weak due to a whole bunch of diseases. Valentina loves cats, devotes a lot of time and attention to them, and spends most of her modest pension on food for animals.

Vika’s cats were taken to Moscow, and Valentina soon ended up in the hospital. While the woman was undergoing treatment, a puppy was thrown into the basement with the cats.

The baby cried plaintively for several days, and the residents of the house, instead of helping him, simply closed the vents, depriving the animals of a chance for life. The process was led by the eldest in the house, who hates animals and always disapproved of the fact that Victoria let cats into the basement to wait out the frosts.

Recently, gratings were installed on all the ducts in the basement. The cats were kicked out of their only home. Now they live on the street, because there was no other shelter for them anywhere.

For cats, expulsion from the basement was a real stress. Many of them have lived there all their lives, others a couple of years. It’s getting cold outside and it’s raining, and they have nowhere to warm up and dry out.

Cats run around the house, approach the vents, but they cannot get into their house. Animals cannot believe that they were kicked out, because they regularly caught mice, and they only did their business on the street. Cats don’t understand why they fell out of favor.

When Valentina left the hospital, the residents of Omsk, led by the eldest, persecuted her. Women are not allowed to feed cats in the area, dog owners set their pets on cats, and sometimes the elderly woman herself.

Valentina is frightened: she only comes out to feed her cats at night, when all the residents have been sleeping for a long time. A woman is already weak, and additional stress takes away her last strength.

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