Two solitudes met under the bridge: a cat and a dog. Sleeping in an embrace, warming each other.

They met under the bridge: Tim the cat and Ben the dog. They have lived here for a long time. They got through the winter together. They slept hugging each other to keep warm. The owners didn’t like them. The dog was kicked out first, and the cat was kicked out the second.

Ben wandered all alone and suddenly a cat came up to him, rubbed himself against his paw and said “meow”. Ben realized that the cat wanted them to live together. And so began their life together.

Tim turned out to be affectionate and often rubbed against Ben’s paw. He recognized Ben as the main one and went where the dog chose. They were most often seen wandering down the road and sniffing at every dumpster. Sometimes Tim could fall behind, then the dog was waiting for him.

Ben lived almost all his life half-starving, unlike the cat. Tim could always catch a bird or a mouse. However, when Ben found a discarded bone, Tim had better stay away from him. Ben always growled quietly, warning the cat that this was his bone and he would eat it himself.

And so lived two lonely beings. Once people wanted to take Tim from the street, but they did not succeed. Animals no longer trusted people, they could not forgive betrayal. So they lived under the bridge.

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