«This is for children, I saw it myself»: the giving birth cat carried the babies from the box to the stroller on the balcony.

Lydia spent almost all of her pregnancy on the closet, because only there she managed to avoid persistent attention from the child. He already walked well at that time and kept trying to grab the cat with his hands. Of course, the parents tried to explain to the baby that the cat was waiting for kittens and that it was forbidden to molest her, but all their arguments had no effect.

And when Lydia’s contractions began, she lost her peace. She ran around the house with bulging eyes.

“So, where should I give birth? On the couch? On the wardrobe? Why do these people carry me all the time to some kind of box, are they completely stupid or what? Maybe on the couch? Stop dragging me into the box! You don’t see that I have a serious choice! » — approximately this thought Lydia, restlessly wandering around the house.

At some point, the cat remembered about the stroller and its craving for it. And the owners simply lost sight of her at some point. And they found her five minutes later, lying in a stroller, which was standing on the balcony.

So people hastened to drag all the old diapers prepared in advance into the stroller. And they also put a mattress on the balcony, since Lyida did not want to be left alone. And it’s good that May was warm then.

And the next morning the mistress, who had not slept at all, looked with tenderness at the two kittens, which were very similar to Lydia.

— Lydia, we need to go to work, we will close the balcony door. So let’s take you to the couch? — suggested the hostess. However, Lydia and her offspring were again in the stroller on the balcony.

As a result, the woman had to move the stroller to the room, since Lydia did not want to leave her.

“This thing is meant for children who cannot walk yet. And mine, as you can see, have not yet got up on their paws either ”- as if the cat wanted to explain its behavior.

Indeed, the stroller was the “home” for Lydia and the babies until the kittens started walking. After that, the stroller was again sent to the balcony, possibly until Lydia’s next pregnancy.

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