They took off her collar and released her into a field near the highway.

Someone took a small dog far from the city and threw it into the field. They even took the collar off the little one. The fur on her neck was a little wrinkled and rolled up. Close to busy highway. Trucks often go there. It is hard to imagine the emotions that the poor dog experienced.

When a car suddenly stopped near the road and people got out of it, the baby rushed to run towards them across the highway. She miraculously survived. The weight of the dog is only 4 kilograms, quite a baby.

The snow in the fields had already melted, there were a lot of ticks on the dog. The bulk of the parasites were removed, but some remained on the body of the poor fellow.

The dog was named Louis. The next day, Louis became sad, she lost the sparkle in her eyes. The dog stopped wagging its tail and rejoicing at people. The poor thing got worse and worse. We went to the clinic. Piroplasmosis. The test results are disappointing. The dog needed a blood transfusion.

Luckily, we found a donor whose blood type matched Louis. The baby was on a drip all night. In the morning we brought her to the hospital. The crumbs had minimal chances of surviving.

Now Louis is in the hospital for rehabilitation. We hope she gets better soon.

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