There was no mistress, « she left for another world » and a sad cat gathered after her.

Time spares no one, it doesn’t ask whether we are ready to leave or not, sooner or later it takes everyone.

The owner of the cat became very weak, so she moved to live in a nursing home. The cats, although they were left alone, continued to live in the house and wait for the mistress until the house collapsed.

The woman looked after 18 cats, 15 of them disappeared, the neighbors did not even notice where. When we arrived, there were only three cats left at the house. The oldest of them, Spool, lived on the street and was already beginning to fade. The cat had inflamed teeth, she was pregnant, while she had not eaten for a long time and was dehydrated.

In the Shpalk clinic, the last remaining tooth was removed from her, but her entire oral cavity was inflamed. The cat has not eaten for a long time and at the same time refused to eat. She did not cry, but quietly left this world.

The veterinarian prescribed droppers, they need to be done for 10 days, until the first one is done. Doctors cannot say how long Spool will live, but we believe that everyone deserves a chance. We have already sterilized two other cats from this house, thanks to everyone who helped us with this.

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