The puppy whined all night so that the residents of the house would pay attention to him.

It was a warm summer night outside that day, but in one house no one could sleep. All night a little dog whined and howled plaintively under the windows. However, everyone ignored him.

When the puppy got tired, he fell silent for a while, and then again asked for help. Only one elderly man still decided to go outside and see what happened.

In the yard, he saw the following picture: the poor thing was very entangled in the market grid. And next to it were sausages. The puppy probably didn’t even have time to try them.

The mesh caught on, and the dog was trapped. The pensioner released the baby, who immediately began to run for joy. The puppy didn’t even finish its food. It probably lost its appetite because of what happened.

The man immediately liked the puppy, so he decided to pick it up and take it to the village where his sister lived. So now the baby lives surrounded by love and care.

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