The owner took his dog to the parking lot, and it is faithfully waiting for him. And will wait until the last.

A young dog appeared on one of the private parking lots. It was immediately evident that ir was a pet, only was very thin. Perhaps it was thrown out recently, or maybe it came here from another place, but it cannot feed itself and stand up for itself either.

In the parking lot, of course, there are guards who sit in a small gatehouse with a heater. Only one of the four guards allowed the dog to warm itself, the rest of them don’t care. This is how the poor fellow has to survive.

A kind man works in the parking lot after three days and all other days, when the temperature dropped to -27, this poor dog did not go anywhere. It crawled under the cars and it is not clear how it managed to keep warm, that it did not freeze.

The dog does not want to leave the parking lot, it is waiting for its good guard. Such is his dog’s devotion. And that man can’t do anything, just let it warm up and feed it on his shifts. The man is already elderly, his wife has health problems, and she is against the dog.

Perhaps the owner just threw his dog away, and it continues to wait for him. And it will do it until its last breath.

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