The owner brought the dog to the clinic with a demand to euthanize the animal, he is angry and aggressive.

Dogs very rarely bite their owners, but Berta was an exception, her owner has experienced the power of her bites more than once. The man endured for a long time, but his patience was not unlimited. So Berta was in the clinic in line for euthanasia.

The heroine of our story is Berta, a dog who is categorically against any contact with people who have consumed alcohol.

Her owner liked to take a sip, and then engage in « training ». Bertha, in response to such upbringing, bit, because of which the owner concluded that it was impossible to raise an animal.

Deciding that it would not be possible to correct Bertha, the owner led her to be euthanized.

The vet called us and told us about a young bitch who needed help. The doctor did not find any indicators, except for periodic aggression. The vet suggested that the dog could be re-educated and gave us a few hours to think about it.

Most often dogs bite people due to lack of education, so we decided to try to fix this and give Berta another chance.

As it turned out, Berta once lived on the street, so for her the struggle for life and food is much more familiar than the care of people.

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