The mother of the kittens died, and the dog had milk and she decided to feed the kittens.

The dog decided to feed the kittens, whose mother died. She still had plenty of milk. Her children were given to new families, so Flora, that was the name of the dog, decided to feed the kittens.

Probably, Flora’s milk was very tasty, because the kittens drank it with pleasure. The dog tried on the fate of a foster mother. She became very attached to the cubs. Thanks to her care, they survived. Time passed, and the kittens grew up.

On cool nights, Flora warmed the kittens with the warmth of her body. Flora was a very caring mother. She let the kids crawl on her endlessly. The winter cold was approaching, Flora was worried about the kittens.

She hoped that one of the people would take cubs for him. She really hopes so.

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