The freezing cat was covered with snow on the side of the road, but no one stopped to help.

Driving along the road, the guy noticed a dark spot on the snow-covered roadside. Having slowed down a little, he realized that it was a cat, which had already been pretty much covered with snow. Amazingly, the rest of the drivers just drove on, not paying the slightest attention to the animal.

Outside it was almost 20 degrees below zero and it was snowing heavily, so it immediately became clear to the guy that the cat would not survive without help. He pulled over to the side of the road and took the animal to the car.

At home, the man tried in every way to warm the animal, which was trembling violently from the cold. Towels, a blanket and even a fireplace, which he lit especially for the cat, were used.

The animal appreciated the care of the man and, despite the stress experienced, tried to purr and erase the man. When the baby warmed up and dried up, it turned out that she was very beautiful. The guy called her Nina and decided to keep het for himself.

On examination by the veterinarian, it turned out that Nina is still quite a baby, she is about six months old, and also that during a snowstorm she froze her tail.

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