The dog was faced with the choice of who to save — the owner or his puppies

This story will make even the most persistent people cry. It happened recently in a village. In the middle of the night there was a fire in a wooden house. The man was already asleep and felt nothing.

The man had a dog that recently gave birth to puppies. It was she who first sensed something was wrong. She had a choice — to save the puppies or the owner. She chose the owner.

How the mongrel managed to drag the man out to the street is unknown, because the owner came to his senses only when he was on the street, and saw a dog nearby.

The puppies burned down with the house…

The man was taken to the hospital, where he was for some time. The dog was fed by the wounded’s neighbor.

It is not known where the man and the dog now live, but the fact that he took the pet with him is known for sure. This was reported by the neighbor who fed the animal in the absence of the owner.

We will not expand on the loyalty of dogs, everyone knows about it. We were just really touched by this story.

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