The dog started crying, because for 15 years he lived in a family, and the owners threw him out into the street and replaced him with a puppy.

Our pets tend to grow old just like us. But many owners, instead of taking care of their elderly animals, throw them out into the street.

This is exactly what happened to an old spaniel dog named Cookie. He, along with his Labrador friend, began to live on the streets of California. There was so much sadness in their eyes that no words were needed to understand that they were betrayed by people, despite all the devotion all these years.

An employee of the shelter saw the animals and was taken from the streets. They managed to find the owners of the spaniel, but they said that they had already adopted a small puppy and they did not need the old dog. Tears flowed from Cookie’s eyes when he realized that his family did not need him.

His tears could touch even the most callous person, however, the hosts had no reaction to Cookie’s heartbreaking whining. As the people left, the dog looked after them, finally realizing that he had been betrayed.

However, this did not embitter Cookie, he continued to still be friendly towards people. Shelter employees wrote this story on the social network and soon people who decided to take the dog for overexposure went to the shelter.

However, Cookie charmed them so much that they are in no hurry to give it back or pass it on to someone. because the dog has a new home with a loving family that does not care about his age.

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