The dog began to dig under the abandoned slab, and growled from there. The hostess looked there.

Suddenly, the animal began to show an increased interest in the abandoned slab. The dog began to rummage under it. The owner heard her pet growl loudly. She looked and saw a small puppy. It looked no more than a month and a half. It is horrible to leave such a baby alone. After all, near the forest it was in danger. The girl took the baby with her.

This girl is a volunteer from our team. Her name is Anya. Thus, the puppy ended up in our shelter. Now it is a beautiful dog that went to exhibitions.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go to exhibitions for long. It turned out that the dog is very afraid of unfamiliar surroundings. Maybe this is due to its childhood trauma. It is no longer possible to find out the real reason.

When the dog was tiny, many visitors were interested in it, but the owner was never found. At the moment, the dog lives with us in a comfortable booth.

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