The cat, hoping to keep warm, jumped into the minibus. The driver showed humanity.

All people are different, therefore minibus drivers do not always behave callously and callously. There are those who, without the slightest twinge of conscience, will drive out of the transport a decrepit old woman who has lost her way, or a child who has lost money for travel. However, there are those who are ready to help any living being who is in a difficult situation.

We want to tell you a story that happened in Astrakhan in the middle of winter. Basically, the temperature there drops no more than -5 degrees, but that day it was very cold outside — the frost was -18 degrees.

Of course, all homeless animals suffer from such weather. So one frozen cat ran into one minibus, hoping to warm up.

It was lucky that the driver turned out to be a kind person. Not only did he not drive the poor thing out of the bus, but he rode with it all day. He asked each of his passengers if he would like to take the cat for himself, and all day long he called all his friends and acquaintances, asking the same question.

In the end, the driver managed to find a home for the cat — one friend agreed to shelter it. As soon as the shift ended, the driver went to the new owner of the animal, where food, care and love were already waiting for it.

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