Punished the cat, who shat in the middle of the hall, put him in the toilet, and he punished us in response

For most of my life I have lived in two houses. Both houses adored cats. Within 20 years, about 6 cats have changed in families, they were all completely different, But there was one common feature — spoilage. An unusual situation happened with the last cat.

The pet did not want to be accustomed to the tray. In the end, we still managed to achieve our goal, and the cat began to relieve himself in the tray.

However, when the cat was in a bad mood, he still soiled in the hall. Of course, this didn’t suit anyone.

Once the cat soiled right in the middle of the room. Probably, wanting to hide his misdeed, he sprinkled his «shame» with earth, which he dug in a flower pot. We were at work at the time, so we didn’t immediately see what happened.

The first to return from work was my mother, who is very sensitive to cleanliness in the house. It was immediately clear that the cat would suffer a well-deserved punishment. Mom locked him in the closet, but the cat was smarter.

Our pet sat in the toilet for a long time, until one of us also had a chance to visit this room. However, the door could not be opened. As it turned out later, in an attempt to get out of captivity, the cat jumped on the door, hit the latch and jammed it. I had to kick down the door. Now we no longer close it in the toilet so that we don’t have to break down the doors again.

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