Mother husky hid puppies in an abandoned house and shied away from people, protecting the kids.

We finally managed to meet a husky girl who was begging food from passers-by on the street. We named the girl Bony.

The husky definitely had a home and owners before, who probably beat her or screamed at her. The girl is very scared and shuns people, so it was extremely difficult to catch her. I trusted the husky to only one girl, who managed to find the kids, diligently hidden by their mother. Bony hid her puppies in an abandoned house on the edge of the city. In this secluded place there were 7 kids at once.

Judging by the size of the puppies, they are about 2 months old, while Bony turned out to be an excellent mother, because all the kids are quite well-fed and healthy.

One of the local women agreed to feed the puppies, my friend helped with the food. In the near future we plan to treat the kids and get vaccinated, the necessary medicines have already been bought.

Three kids have already managed to find a new home. First of all, they took away those puppies who got their mother’s appearance, huskies are immediately guessed in them.

The four remaining ones do not look like their mothers, most likely they went to their father, his breed is unknown, but the puppies are charm itself. Of the four remaining, only one is a boy, the rest are The guy was called Pooh, because he really looks like a cartoon bear cub.

One of the girls looks like a shepherd dog, although with a coat characteristic of a husky, she was given the name Night for a black muzzle with white cheeks.

Another plump and fluffy baby was named Bun.

The last girl resembles her brother, also plump and fluffy, and also very quiet and affectionate, so they chose the appropriate name for her – Spring.

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