Lana will be returned to the street from day to day. No miracle happened to her.

That cat was found in the garage, she was hiding among old things and rags. Three teenage cats lived in this garage all winter. The roof of the building was leaking, it was cold inside, and the cats were afraid of the slightest rustle, they did not trust people and did not know how to survive on their own.

In winter, water got into the garage, it was cold and damp, except that there were no drafts. Lana was the only girl, the rest of the inhabitants of the garage were boys.

The cat is very beautiful, outwardly it seems a little angry, but in fact she is very scared and shy. Lana is about a year old, she is very fluffy. In a couple of days, she got used to people and began to let herself be stroked.

If she gets into a loving family, she will become the most affectionate and kind girl in the world. but the family for Lana was never found…

She was looking for new owners, or at least a curator, but no one wanted to give her hope.

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