It wanted to live so much that it got out of the ravine to the people, but it could no longer see the road.

The life of a little kitten has been difficult since birth. The mother cat once had a house, but the owners kicked it out, so the cat gave birth to kittens on the heating main, and then hid them from people in the bushes.

Of all the kittens one boy’s situation was the most serious — an infection that hit it hard in the eyes. With difficulty, it got out of the ravine, where its mother had left it, crossed the road and went out into the residential yard.

The kitten was noticed by local residents feeding homeless animals, but no one dared to take it to themselves. The kid clearly needed help, but there was no veterinary clinic nearby, and no one wanted to take on difficult care. The post about the baby got on the Internet and amazed me so much that I even saw the kitten in my sleep.

Having called the contacts, I found out that while the baby is with one of the local residents. The woman is elderly, she does not see well, she will not get to the veterinarian.

They gave me the kitten right away, its condition was simply terrifying. For some time it could not even close its eyes. After an examination by the veterinarian, treatment was prescribed — a couple of pages were occupied only by a list of drugs, including antibiotics .

The eyes were put in order for more than a month, but in the end, the kitten’s eyesight was still preserved. We are still completing one eye, and we are also fighting fleas, special shampoos still cannot cope with the animals in the fur of the cat.

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