In order to somehow warm up from the cold, the abandoned puppy huddled in a sneaker.

That day the man decided to take a walk and found a puppy that was thrown out like an unnecessary thing. The little one was trying to hide from the cold, so it climbed into the old sneakers that someone had thrown away. There it tried to keep warm. The cub is all alone, its mother dog was nowhere to be seen.

The man felt very sorry for the baby, he couldn’t leave it there completely helpless. He took the puppy home.

There he introduced his new pet to his other two dogs. His private house was guarded by a mongrel, and a Pekingese lived in the house.

The next morning he took the puppy to the vet. The survey showed that the animal is healthy, it just needs to eat right.

Six months have passed since that time, and the baby has grown up. The puppy enjoys its life and does not worry about anything, because it is loved and taken care of.

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