“I have nothing to feed the cat, I’ll take him to the forest and leave him there”: this is how the owner decide.

I heard these words as soon as I picked up the phone. The man didn’t even greet me, but went straight to the specifics.

A woman called, which it was difficult to call otherwise than a boorish woman. A couple of years ago, her children in the city got a kitten, who allegedly pooped in the house. then the cat was sent to the village to the mother of the woman. The poor fellow ate only mice and small handouts from the hostess. However, soon the hostess either ran out of mice, or there was no waste. She decided to get rid of the cat and took him to the forest.

I do not communicate with such people and do not respond to their blackmail. However, the cat became very sorry. After all, I perfectly understood that if I didn’t help, then they would simply throw him in the forest.

They took tests from the cat, carried out antiparasitic treatment. Analyzes are not quite normal. No wonder. A life of hunger and poor nutrition does not benefit anyone.

The cat was castrated. Now he is looking for a loving home.

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