His eyes began to fade, his hair stuck together from dirt and secretions from the skin, bald patches appeared.

Although Alabai lived at the enterprise and guarded it, even a bowl of soup was rarely given to him. People did not pay attention to him, and even more so, they did not stroke him, recently they did not even want to come close. The dog was called Alabai, but despite such a name, his character was kind, perhaps it was he who let him down…

Gradually, the dog began to see worse, and dirt stuck to the discharge from the skin, it turned the hair into clods, which gradually began to fall out. Skin was visible through the bald patches, which the dog constantly combed.

The dog has never been processed, so he was attacked by parasites.

When we came to pick him up, he immediately extended his paw to us, as if hoping that we would not be afraid to come up and be able to help him. The dog was in a very bad condition, it was painful to look at.

Employees of the enterprise said that the dog started to get sick a few months ago. Nobody tried to treat him, they just put him over the fence as an unnecessary thing.

We have been treating Alabai for more than a month, we have treated him, but the results are still insignificant. The biggest wounds have healed a little, the pus is no longer secreted and the bad smell is gone. At the first examination, they said that the dog had no chance of surviving, but he fought hard for every new day.

Alabai wants to run, he likes to eat well. I feed him, but he does not gain weight, the disease does not recede in any way and the dog is still very thin.

Recently passed another examination, passed the tests. The results came back unimportant.

The veterinarian prescribed additional treatment, several diseases were ruled out after treatment, but the skin is still inflamed, does not want to heal.

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