Freezing weak kitten turned into a beautiful cat that pleases its mistress.

As usual Linda came home after work. It was cold outside that day. Not far from the house, she noticed a small kitten and immediately took it in her arms.

The baby could hardly move, probably got lost and spent a lot of time away from its mother.

It was weak and very cold.

The kitten’s eyes had not yet opened, and it squeaked very quietly.

The woman took the baby home, fed it with a syringe and put it in a warm place. After that, the kitten purred.

I had to get up every two hours at night to feed the baby.

Four sleepless nights passed and the kitten became more active.

Even the little one really liked the hugs.

A year has passed since Linda found the kitten and now it is the most beautiful cat.

The kitten adores its mistress and still loves hugs.

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