Elderly dog ​​could not hold back tears when he met his owner after 3 months of separation.

Hannah Foraker linked her life with the army service. She works in Cleveland, America. Usually, the girl’s teachings do not go far from home, but this time it turned out differently, and she had to go to Oklahoma.

Hannah was not at home for three months. Her parents were waiting for her, and with them an elderly dog ​​named Buddy, who always treated her with incredible warmth, was very attached to her.

During those three months of the girl’s absence, Buddy began to behave in a very different way than usual. She is already an old and sick animal, with arthritis and hearing impairment. Buddy has a hard time walking up and down stairs. She stopped walking outside for a long time, just sometimes went out to get some fresh air. The dog became much less active.

When Hannah finally arrived and met her pet, the dog was very happy. She lay down beside the hostess, resting her head on her lap. She looked incredibly happy.

The girl says that since then Buddy has become more cheerful, began to play again and even dance, despite her advanced age. It hurts Hannah even to think that her beloved dog will someday be gone.

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