Dog looks out the window of his former home. It does not yet know that its «loving» owners have left.

While writing this article, I could not hold back tears. How could a man betray this dog? A question to the former owners is read in her eyes: “Why did you leave me? Because I loved you and served you faithfully? » At this moment, the dog is looking out the windows of his once home.

It turns out that the owners will return only a year later, next summer. During this time, the dog may die of hunger or cold. But people don’t worry about it. Next summer they will get a new kitten or dog, play with him, teach him commands and rejoice at his success. And they will feed him the most delicious food.

Yes, the animal will have a happy summer. And then the owners will begin to gather in the city.

At first, the pet will be sure that they will take it with them, but, alas, this will not happen. Do you know why this happens? Yes, because in the city with a dog you need to walk twice a day and to clean up after it in the apartment.

And who needs it? The owner kissed the puppy before leaving, it was her favorite all summer. The puppy honestly waited for their return, accepting treats from strangers. Sometimes he looked into the windows of the house, hoping that the owners returned while he was sleeping. But no. It need to look for another owner, otherwise a hungry life on the street awaits it.

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