Dirty, exhausted kitten, with an extinct look, no one needs.

Grimy and unhappy kitten, with a sad look. Nobody needs it. It is interesting to look at those people who betrayed him. When he was a little fluffy ball, the owners took care of it.

And when he grew up, they left him alone at the dacha. Fleas bit its mouth and eyes. The kitten expects death not only from hunger and dehydration, but also from excruciating pain. Why take a pet into the house if you don’t need it? Pets need our love.

The owners have specific responsibilities towards the animals. They must clean up after them, wash them, remove fleas and treat them as needed. If you do not like animals, then it is better not to have them at home.

This kitten is lucky. Kind people picked it up, cured it and began to take care of it.

This kitten’s story ended well. But there are others, not so joyful. And it’s all the fault of the heartlessness of people.

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