A three-legged dog lives by itself in an empty apartment. Nobody wants to take it for themselves.

Last summer, in a high-rise building, residents noticed a dog with three paws, which was not here before. People were sorry for the poor thing, they fed her. But no one could take her to the veterinarian, because the animal was never given to anyone.

But still one man managed to take Dina to the veterinary clinic. There, the dog began to be treated, but after a few days she escaped from the clinic. First, the savior was looking for the animal, because it was necessary to cure her. However, after he managed to find the dog, he didn’t want to take it for himself.

As a result, other caring people were found who paid for further treatment at the veterinarian. Dina went through many trials, she underwent many painful procedures and even surgery. After that, she could not continue to live on the street.

One woman took her dog in an apartment where no one lives. Several months have passed since then, but Dina is still not needed by anyone. Only once a day does this woman come to feed and walk the pet.

Only an hour a day does Dina feel needed and happy for someone. The rest of the time the dog is waiting for her savior to finally come. Just imagine how this dog can live all alone! Without a loving master, she is very sad. Dina’s main dream is family.

The dog is very calm, affectionate and friendly. She will be a great friend. She is not very tall, her weight is only 2 kg and she is very young, she is about two years old. Dina does not pay attention to her lack. She perfectly walks on three legs and even runs.

Dina deserves to live in a home with people who love and care for her. After all, she is not worse than full-fledged pets.

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