A sick puppy with an injured spine was able to find a home 8,000 km away.

No one knows how the little puppy got on the streets of Macedonia. He probably came into the world from a dog that has no home. His life was not easy without human care. The puppy had health problems, infections, as well as a spinal injury.

A couple from Canada came to see the beauties of Macedonia. When they saw this puppy, they immediately became attached to it, because it was very affectionate, sweet and kind. The couple began to feed the puppy every day, and after that they took and bathed. After that they took the puppy to the vet to treat the baby before flying across the ocean to a new home.

The puppy was given a tracking chip, vaccinated against infections, and had its spine examined. The injury didn’t cause pain, so the couple decided that they would treat the dog already in Canada. The pet was allowed to fly only after two weeks, because it was very weak.

When the puppy found himself in a new house, he began a happy and carefree life. He quickly got along with other pets that lived with the couple. It turned out that it is impossible to cure a spinal injury, but the main thing is that nothing hurts the dog and he can live a full life.

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