A German Shepherd rescued the deer and nurses them like their own children.

One American family is very fond of animals. They have a farm, so they can afford to keep different animals. They have a cow, chickens, horses and even raccoons. And just recently they rescued deer, which they found in the forest without the supervision of their mother, apparently, she suffered from poaching.

They were very small and they were fed by the owners from bottle. There is also a reliable and kind German Shepherd on the farm. Her name is Sarge. She guards all animals and the farm like a real soldier. The dog also got into the family, being a little dog. And already the owners raised him to be a real watchdog assistant.

And when the little deer were brought to the farm, Sarge undertook to raise them himself. He treats them like his own children.

They spend all their free time together, everywhere they run after their «nanny» and can always rely on Sarge, because he is there and is always ready to help .

Here is such an unusual friendship developed on the Stevens farm. We can only rejoice at that. How animals know how to love, regardless of whether you are a person, a dog, or even a deer .

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