A couple of minutes of their lives remained before a sad outcome in a bucket of water.

In one of the courtyards of Smolensk, women feed several stray cats every day. Knowing this, local residents often throw their cats and dogs into that yard, which they no longer need.

Women do not have money to sterilize their pets, so they use a different approach – pregnant cats are locked closer to childbirth, and when they give birth, they get rid of the kittens. Already locked up in anticipation of offspring, I saw Mura, a beautiful black and white cat.

I decided to take the cat along with the kids. It was too late for sterilization, so the women agreed.

When Mura gave birth, I took both her and her babies. The cat became a mother on January 1, having given birth to three boys and a charming tricolor girl.

Mura and her children have been living with me for a year now. We sterilized the cat, the kittens have grown up and are looking for new families. In the near future, the kittens will also be spayed and castrated.

Mura is three years old, recently she began to look worse, probably, health problems began. The cat lost his appetite, his fur fell off. In the near future, Mura will have to take tests so that we can understand what happened to her.

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