A cat was sterilized, but she did not agree with this and dragged a kitten from the street.

Instincts are very strong things. It is impossible to deceive nature. Even some people cannot control their instincts, what can we say about animals that do not have an analytical mind?

I got a female kitten. When she was 2 years old, I took the cat for a sterilization procedure. She underwent the operation normally, only for the first three days she was in apathy, did not get out from under the bed.

I calmed down, because now the issue is resolved, there will be no kittens that need to be placed in good hands. However, my cat made a different decision. Once she brought a tiny kitten from a street walk.

I am surprised that my favorite treats the foundling as if it were her own baby. She does not let strangers near it, she takes care, the newly-made mother even has milk.

My cat outplayed me in this game. She really wanted to become a mother and at the first opportunity she fulfilled her desire. I’m just wondering how it feels for that mother cat to have a child snatched from under her nose? Is she worried or just glad that there is one less hungry mouth.

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