“Your teeth haven’t grown yet, but you’re already biting, a trifle”: the dog tamed the kitten, but it was shy and went to the corner of the room.

Clark had a rather sentimental character. He probably never enjoyed anything as much as all dogs usually do. For him, all good and joyful things were natural, but when he felt the approach of something bad, it was immediately reflected on his kind face.

The owners of the dog were newlyweds, who lived like all family people: they took care of their future, worked to have a strong support in life and did not rush with the children. Sometimes, the owner had some troubles at work, and Clark always felt this and worried along with his people. He could go up to the owner and just put his face on his knees just when he needed support, and the man in response stroked his kind four-legged friend on the head and said:

“Nothing, Clark, everything will be fine. Let’s break through.”

And once the owner of the dog decided to take a kitten into the house. At work, one of her colleagues tried to accommodate the kittens her cat gave birth to. And so one snow-white fluffy guy ended up in the same house with Clark.

The owners of the dog were not at all worried about how he would react to the kitten. They knew perfectly well that the dog can be trusted with anything. And so it really was. Clark was very attentive and caring for the kitten, he never refused to play with the baby when it climbed on him and demanded attention to itself.

Often the fluffy lump went beyond what was allowed, began to bite and scratch while playing with the dog. “Your teeth haven’t really grown yet, but you’re already biting, trifle,” — in response, the dog tamed the kitten, after which it was shy and went to the corner of the room. However, Clark immediately patted him with his paw: «It’s okay, I’m not offended,» and they continued to play.

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