When we’re rescuing the dog, it was impossible to even say for sure what kind of animal it was: a dog, a coyote, or even a wolf.

One day, local residents called the rescue service to report that they had seen a real wolf in the city. Volunteers who went to the challenge carefully planned a meeting with a predator. But when they saw the one who was to blame for the commotion, they did not immediately understand who was in front of them. The animal looked like both a coyote or a wolf, and the most ordinary dog.

In any case, the animal looked very sick and emaciated. The volunteers decided not to leave it to the mercy of fate.

People tried to give the strange beast food and tried to touch it. Apparently, it was still an ordinary frightened dog.

Volunteers managed to put the dog on a leash to take it to the vets.

In the clinic, the dog was carefully examined and washed.

It turned out that this is really a Husky dog, and not some kind of predator.

The better the rescued dog felt, the more cheerful and strong it became. Already a few days later, it happily wagged its tail, dreaming of thanking the people who helped it.

When its wounds healed, the dog began to look much better.

We managed to find a new home for this beautiful dog very quickly. The new owners say that the dog is very active and friendly.


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