When the mistress was gone, the cat had a heart attack. She lay there, seeing nothing in front of her.

I have a special pity for animals that have outlived their owners. Our pets love us with a very sincere love no matter what, and the loss of a person is a real tragedy for them. Often, after the death of the owners, such animals end up on the street, but they grow up in love and care, they cannot adapt to a wandering life and very soon follow their owners.

So it happened with Kara, a cat who lived in the house with 1 of her relatives and was loved and treated kindly by the mistress. The woman died, and her sister was only interested in the opportunity to get a house, but not in any way caring for almost two dozen cats.

The cats were on the street almost immediately. Some were sheltered by compassionate neighbors, others were forced to survive, hiding under bushes near the house and begging for food from passers-by. The house was sold, new tenants moved in, and dogs appeared in the yard, which began hunting for cats.

We took five cats from the street, from this house, Kara was among them. At first, everything was fine with the cat, although it was noticeable that she had gone through a lot of stress. Over time, she stopped walking, and then even getting up on her paws, she just lay, looking at one point. The veterinarian took tests and diagnosed Kara with a heart attack.

I was offered to stop the torment of the cat and put her to sleep, but I decided to fight. Kara had to undergo several different treatment complexes, but she managed. Now the cat sees and walks again.

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