Wealth is not in money, but in what is inside us: the homeless and their pets.

About a month ago, volunteers I knew asked me to pick up an old Poodle dog. The dog’s name was Lyusya and her story is unremarkable: the owner died, and his heirs, as often happens, brought the old woman to sleep. However, everything turned out differently, and the dog came to me.

I do not take care of old pets, they stay with me. We went to the vet and got treated. We decided to make Lucy beautiful and well-groomed again, because she is still a girl, albeit an old one.

And then fate intervened, or maybe chance. When we were at the groomer, a girl saw the dog. After that, the whole family of Marina came to get acquainted with Lucy. And our old lady got a house.

Sometimes this happens: they want to get rid of their own, and strangers give a new happy life and a calm old age.

Yet miracles do happen! You just need to believe!

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