Volunteers rescued puppies from a drain pipe where their mother-dog hid them.

Dora was a stray dog ​​who recently had puppies. To feed her children, she walked the streets in search of food. And the puppies at that time were in a safe place, where the dog herself hid them, so that no one would find them and offend them.

Volunteers found out about the homeless mother dog and tried to gain her confidence in order to find puppies. The people fed the dog and she led them to the place where her babies were hidden.

The volunteers got the puppies, which turned out to be as snow-white as their mother. The puppies, along with the dog, were placed in a carrier and taken to an animal shelter, where they were given a separate enclosure.

The volunteers were pleased that they managed to find and save the animals. They were not in danger at the shelter. They were all bathed and provided with sufficient food. Now Dora could not worry about the fate of her babies. And after a while, all the dogs were taken to her by one woman.

She lived in a private house, so she could provide all her pets with decent living conditions.

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