Volunteers managed to save a dog that had almost forgotten how to walk.

Among pet owners you can meet those whom, the tongue does not dare to call people. And what about the one who kept his dog in a small cage and fed very rarely, and also cleaned this prison even less often.

He didn’t even walk the dog. But fortunately, the volunteers found out about this and took the animal, which was very exhausted. Now she is waiting for a long recovery, and the police opened a criminal case against this subhuman.

Liza, as the dog was called, now enjoys every walk that she takes every day with the shelter staff. But at first she was frightened by the space, she could hardly walk, she was very squeezed and shy.

But now Lisa loves to communicate with people, realizing that despite the cage, the attitude is completely different. While the dog moves with difficulty, every day veterinarians give her a special massage.

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