Under the cart at the supermarket, the dog stuck to the ice. I had to urgently rescue.

The supermarket staff ended their working day. They began to collect carts and prepared to go home. Suddenly, a mournful squeak was heard. It was a little puppy whining. One of the women looked down and saw the baby. The baby hid in one of the carts. The puppy was dirty, shaggy and neglected.

First meeting with Ben.

“Don’t sleep baby, otherwise you will freeze,” said the woman and scratched it behind the ear. The puppy tried to get up, but the attempt was unsuccessful. He managed to raise his front paws, but with the hind legs the situation was more problematic. The woman leaned over and realized that the baby was just stuck to the ice.

He was wearing a frayed collar, on which the carbine had been torn off. This suggested that the puppy had run away. With an effort, the woman was able to “tear off” the poor fellow from the ice, but he still could not get up. The woman was confused. She did not know what to do and how to help the dog. Luckily, she had my phone number. Hearing this story, we rushed to help.

Our employees immediately took Ben and took her to the veterinarian for examination. It turned out that he could not fully rise, because one leg failed. Three limbs were «working», but the fourth apparently froze. The approximate age of the dog is eight months. Ben’s weight is 13 kilograms. a dog with a normal build, but short stature.

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