To tears: the dog desperately asked people to save her puppies.

An ordinary stray dog ​​gave birth to offspring. The mongrel gave birth to puppies in the ruins of an old building. Of course, the poor mother dog didn’t know that the building was in disrepair and its cubs were in danger, but that was exactly how it was.

The ruins fell on the kids, but the mother was not hurt. The mongrel ran into a crowded place and began to whine pitifully, begging passers-by to help her children. The dog took several people to the scene. She knew that her babies were still alive and they could be helped.

People cleared the ruins and pulled out two crumbs. The puppies were still blind. The heroine mother also took part in the rescue operation, she actively raked the ground with her paws.

The people who helped didn’t abandon the dog.

They fed her, laid her in a safe place, where the dog fell asleep with their children.

Her eyes were full of gratitude and happiness.

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