To save a kitten, a man without hesitation jumped onto the rails in the subway.

Enzo, who owns a cat cafe, shared a story. He had to involve the subway employees to help save the kitten, which spent several days on the rails.

Enzo suggested that the baby was on the tracks for about two days. All this time, the metro staff did nothing about this situation. The kitten became more and more frightened when loudly noisy trains passed over it.

The man realized that he needed to act on his own. He went down to the tracks to help the unfortunate animal. They reacted to this act, and an operation was immediately organized to rescue from the station workers. And after all, they could help the kitten at night, when the trains do not run. then no one would have to risk themselves.

The police were called, who detained Enzo. But the people who witnessed this situation were very indignant at this. In the end, the man was released.

The baby, who was saved by Enzo, was taken by new owners. She had a broken finger and also cut off her tail. it seems that someone mocked the unfortunate animal enough, and only after that threw it on the way.

The kitten was named Ray. All is well in her life. She has almost completely recovered and is surrounded by people who love her.

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