To be saved, the dog stood in the water on its hind legs, waiting for help.

The story took place in the Mexican city of Tabasco, where there was a flood. There, rescuers were able to rescue a Labrador who nearly drowned. There were heavy rains in the city, which caused flooding as the rivers overflowed with water.

At first the dog tried to swim, but was very tired and realized that the only salvation for it was to stand on its hind legs and lean its back against the wall of the house. It was a pity to look at the pet. Thus, the dog managed to wait for help. Rescuers noticed the animal and dragged it out of the water to their boat. They filmed the rescue. Now the dog is safe and it is doing well.

The video has already been watched 5,000,000 times. The owner of the Labrador is not yet known. All people, trying to escape the flood, were in a hurry to leave their homes, so the dog could get lost.

The video shows how the pet extended its paw to the rescuer, realizing that they wanted to help him.

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