Three purebred cats were left under the door of the pet store, and a note was placed next to them.

Once the police accidentally found three beautiful purebred cats under the door of a pet store, and a note lay next to them. Police officers called Chicago animal rights activists and they took the animals to find them a new home.

A note found with the cats read: “I apologize for what I did, but I could not find a home for them, so I hope you will take care of the cats in my place. Can you do it? Thanks to!».

The cats were still very young and were afraid of strangers. They huddled together all the time, and the volunteers tried to entertain them.

The volunteers said that they named the light red cat, which is six months old, Simba, and the brown one, Simon, it’s about one or two years old. And the oldest (about three years old) and red-haired — Miki. The volunteers speculated that Miki might be Simba’s father.

After a few days, the pets got used to the new living conditions and ceased to be afraid of their guardians. Then they were examined by a veterinarian.

Cats were lucky to find new owners soon. Now there is someone to take care of them. The oldest cat proudly and confidently inspects new housing, looking after the younger ones.

Luck really smiled at the cats, because they found their home, where they are loved and taken care of.

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