Thought that dogs would bite, but a huge cat jumped out to help.

This time I decided to spend my weekend with my grandmother. Usually I visit my parents, but then I decided that I hadn’t been with my grandma for a long time, and at the university it was Monday that was supposed to be a day off and I thought that I could spend more time with her.

I was just a little away from my grandmother’s house when two large dogs with a grin on their faces and growling came out from around the corner in front of me. I perfectly understood that I would not have time to reach my grandmother’s house, no matter how hard I tried. The house was too close to that turn, from where the dogs appeared, moreover, I didn’t even think to run.


They came very close to me, I tried to hit them with one of the packages that I had in my hands, but they just dodged, and immediately tore it.

Then I was absolutely numb with fear, because I thought that in any case I would be bitten.

And then help came unexpectedly: a huge cat jumped out from under the gate of a house.

And then help came unexpectedly: a huge cat jumped out from under the gate of a house, and with a crazy cry pounced on the dogs. They immediately rushed to run away, some shadows sparkled only, if I can say so about the dogs .

At the same moment a young guy came out of the same yard to see where his cat had rushed so quickly. He helped me collect the things that fell out of the torn bag and took me to my grandmother’s house. The young man seemed to me rather cute, although his cat may have influenced.

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