This ugly cat should not live in my house, my children are afraid. Be glad that I brought the cat to you, and not immediately euthanize.

A woman brought a cat to the shelter, demanding that it be taken away. In justification for her rejection of the animal, she said that the cat was very ugly and even frightened the children with her appearance.

The cat had an eye infection immediately, but it was not clear what caused it. It also remained a mystery how the animal could scare people so much.

According to the hostess, the disease began suddenly and without any reason.

The woman spoke exceptionally loudly and impudently, she shouted at the shelter staff, who could not understand why they should give up the animal if they could just treat the infection. The hostess was not going to treat anyone, suggesting that the volunteers be glad that she brought the cat to them, and not immediately euthanize.

Since that day, Candy has been living in a shelter. The cat is affectionate and contact, loves to be stroked and strives to be close to people.

The cat is very beautiful, but people could not see it behind the watery eyes. The infection has receded, but it is impossible to say whether it affected the vision. The cat needs to be shown to an ophthalmologist, but there is simply none in our city. Perhaps there are caring people who can take Candy to the doctor.

We believe that the kitty will meet a family that will love her not only for her appearance.

We learned that as soon as Candy got into the house, she became everyone’s favorite. The cat was brought in by adults, wanting to show what responsibility means. I wonder how the children perceived the example they received from that situation?

Parents showed their children a great example of betrayal and superficiality by throwing away an animal like a broken doll just because it got sick. Aren’t parents afraid that when they get older and their children start to get sick, they will remember this lesson?

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