This is how they treated her for loyalty: now even a piece of bread is a joy to the dog, hugging it with his paw.

A new stray dog ​​appeared on the streets of Makiivka. Before that, she had her own house and a caring owner. But when he moved to a new place of residence, dog’s owner decided to leave the dog, as she was sick at that time, and became a burden to him. The dog, for unknown reasons, stopped getting up on its hind legs. Therefore, she remained lying where her master had left her, near once his gates.

Nobody needs her. Even the neighbors who know her well do not feel sorry for her. Sometimes, she gets a piece of bread and a bowl of water from caring passers-by. And the dog reaches for food with two healthy paws and greedily absorbs it. Did a faithful and devoted dog deserve such an attitude?

Where do people get such inhumanity? What if they were kicked out of the house like this when they needed care the most? How do they imagine their life after that?

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