They wanted to get rid of this dog, but he was lucky to find new owners and return to the house.

The owner of a dog named Theodore died and he found himself on the street. He was simply taken out of town and left on the outskirts of the forest. The pet could not understand why they decided to get rid of him, because he was loyal to his owner for 10 years and faithfully guarded the house.

But in the house in which he lived, new people settled. After some time, the emaciated doggie returned to his former home. He began to live next to his former home, hoping that he would be accepted back.

However, no one noticed the weak and thin Theodore until one case changed everything. On that day, the daughter of the new tenants in the house was returning home from school. Not far from the house, she was attacked by a pack of stray dogs. Then the dog protected the girl, but he himself suffered in an unequal battle. The next morning, the family saw Theodore lying near their house, with many lacerations.

The parents took the bleeding Theodore to the vet, because they were very grateful to him for saving their daughter. After the treatment, the family took the dog for themselves. Thus, Theodore found himself in his home again.

After the dog had fully recovered and gained strength, a new booth was installed for him, and the dog again began to guard the house. Theodore again found owners who loved him very much. The pet also has new friends — a two month old puppy Rocky and a cat Maria.

But his best friend was the girl Inna, whom he saved from a pack of dogs. She always shared various goodies with Theodore. Now the dog has a large family, which he is ready to protect from all dogs in the world.

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