They didn’t want to treat the dog because there was no money. She whimpered in pain and couldn’t get up.

A German shepherd was hit by a car, but the veterinary clinic refused to treat her because there were no funds. However, for now, she has a home with loving owners.

The dog, whose paw was injured, was noticed by passers-by. She was lying near the road, whining and could not get up because of severe pain. People took the poor thing to the veterinary clinic to get the necessary help.

However, there was not enough money for treatment, so the clinics refused to operate. Then the people who saved the dog called the volunteers. As a result, the shepherd dog had a successful operation in another veterinary clinic.

After that, the dog was taken by the family, who continued to treat her. Now shepherd is completely healthy. There were cats in the family, with whom she immediately became friends.

The family is very happy that the dog now lives with them. They are very fond of the new member of their family.

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