They are so different, but their friendship conquered the Internet: an always smiling dog and an eternally gloomy cat.

Despite the fact that both animals have a white coat color, they are completely different. The dog of the Samoyed breed, whose name is Casper, looks like a cheerful bear cub. He inspires everyone who sees him with positivity. But the cat Romeo always has a gloomy and stern look. Despite this, they are best friends. just look at their photos!

Opposites attract.

They love to walk together.

These beauties are lucky to have an owner who is a professional photographer.

Friends forever!

Positive Kasper enough for two.

The cat loves loneliness more, but the dog, on the contrary, loves communication.

They also celebrate New Year’s holidays together!

So different and so similar!

They prove that no differences can stand in the way of friendship!

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